The Weikersheim Castle that Stole my Heart

Weikersheim CastleI thought that since I posted twice about painting, I would share a little piece of the Weikersheim Castle in Germany that I have been working on.

I first came upon a photo of this castle when I was sixteen years old in Painting I. My art teacher asked us to do a watercolor painting and I found a photo of this castle while I was digging through a drawer full of photographs and magazine cut-outs. It captured my heart immediately and I still feel it’s the most beautiful castle I have ever seen. But because I’m a perfectionist, I didn’t love the watercolor painting, and it went in the trash.

It’s been ten years and this castle is like my own on-again, off-again relationship. I re-drew it when I was nineteen, stashed it for several years, took it back out this past year, looked at it, and then began to paint the sky. If you’re wondering why I’m not painting it in watercolor, it’s because I feel I can pull out details with acrylic.

Maybe, just maybe, I can finish this project before I turn twenty-seven.


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